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The Inked Originals Competition brings together thousands of tattoo enthusiasts to celebrate self expression and compete for a feature in Inked magazine and $20,000.

2023 Inked Originals winner

Geoff Ratzlaff

At a young age, this architectural technologist found inspiration in the tattoos of his three older brothers, which ultimately led him to acquire his own ink. Geoff's body art narrates the story of his family's evolution from the turbulent times of the Russian Revolution to the present day, skillfully encapsulating the essence of this human experience through the lens of dark realism.

We want to extend our appreciation to everyone who supported New Freedom Project by participating in this year's competition! This important organization is more than a non-profit: It’s a mission — to mentor inmates during the reentry process through peer-to-peer relationships, vocational training, and services that protect the community and inspire dignity by empowering the innate goodness in every human being.

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2023 Finalists

Hosted By

Jayme Foxx

Jayme Foxx is recognized internationally as the host of CMT's Tattoo Titans, as well as Nokia’s Royal Artist Club, Zippo Encore, Altitude TV, and of course, Inked Magazine. Her stunning looks, spicy personality, and tattoo expertise make her the ideal host for the Inked Originals Competition.

Inked Magazine is the authority of tattoo culture. From its inception in 2004, Inked has created a global name for itself as a multi-media empire converging culture, style, and art.

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